Going to the hospital, you will get full range of necessary examinations, consultations, diagnosis, treatment, and if necessary, inpatient treatment will be organized treated in hospitals with support and control by our doctors, post-operative observation and treatment.
Our doctors do not work alone, this is a team with professionals and consultants you to provide diversified and quality health services; clinic has direct contact with the best clinics in Canada and Germany, which allows a direct dialogue with their physicians to provide consultation and, if necessary, urgent consultations; If desired, patients can be arranged their treatment abroad. Inside the clinic provided (availability of transportation) reception disabled traveling in wheelchairs, as well as work with people with disabilities at home.


“Maple Leafs” Armenian-Canadian Medical Clinic was established in September 2012. Doctors are working following the Canadian protocols and the management of the clinic    is provided from Toronto.

Maple Leafs is one of fastest growing executive health care clinic. With more than 20 family doctors and specialists, we offer a variety of leading-edge screening and diagnostic tests on site, treatment, as well as unique risk assessment and prevention programs. We believe that making proper health and lifestyle choices will greatly aid our patients in treating and even preventing disease.

Maple Leafs Clinic offers a relaxed and comfortable environment with no waiting time (by appointments) that was conceived to help people achieve greater longevity and quality of life through physical and psychological wellness.

The Clinic is staffed with distinguished Family doctors, specialists: pediatricians, urologist, gynecologist, neurologists, endocrinologist, psychiatrist etc., nurses, registered dietitians, lifestyle coaches, psychologists and support staff to deliver the most advanced programs

We also offer a special service:  home visits for diagnosis and treatment.