1466087_808968369121135_3549400396487448283_n1“During the course of my career and education I’ve traveled to several countries always keeping the thought of home in mind. Not a just a house, but a home, a land where I belong and feel safe. In the end the longing brings us back. The isolation I felt abroad reminded me where I should truly be.”

Vardges Avagyan moved to Armenia from Canada in 2013 with his wife and children. Vardges was born in Yerevan. After he graduated high school he continued his education abroad, specifically in the field of medicine. Before repatriating he lived and worked in the United States, the United Kingdom, Holland, and Canada. He and his wife Syuzanna both felt that Armenia was the best place to raise their children and preserve their national identity.

Vardges recalls also being inspired to return by the Armenian Ambassador in Canada. “Mr. Armen Yeganyan inspired me to use the medical expertise I had acquired throughout the years to serve my homeland, Armenia. Thus I set out to establish the first Armenian-Canadian medical clinic in Armenia. The idea was to create a family doctor oriented clinic in order to avoid the current day run around many patients face where they are simply referred from one doctor to another. In our clinic every patient becomes a member of our family and such long-term relationships give us more medical insight as to any problem the patient may have.”

Many Armenians now have the opportunity to study abroad. Vardges does not deny the quality of higher education differs from Armenia in some professional fields, however he believes that if we work together to create a proper market climate and a country where students may apply their acquired knowledge, many more Armenians will return to their homeland.

Syuzanna reminds us that people are far warmer in Armenia than anywhere else in the world. “When people ask my daughter if she’d prefer to return she immediately says no. Generally both my daughter and my son feel much more comfortable in Armenia. Here children grow up in a healthier environment. They have a constant relationship with their grandparents. They see how their grandparents sacrifice for them and do everything in their power for their grandchildren. Similar relationships abroad are very rare. Also the one thing which can’t compare is the food in Armenia, which in its taste and authenticity is unlike that of any other country we’ve been to.”

“After fifteen years of coming and going it’s my honest wish and goal that my family and I will be able to stay in Armenia and continue building our lives here.”

Program ‘Frequent Business Visitors’

The Maple Leafs Clinic is granted to participate in the program ‘Frequent Business Visitors’ which offers a simplified processfor obtaining multiple entry visas for business trips to Canada.