Greetings from John R. Kur

Ambassador of Canada to Armenia
with residence in Moscow


Dear Dr Vardges Avagyan,
I hope this note finds you well. I would like to sincerely thank you and your wonderful team for your assistance on 14 March 2016 when I visited the Clinic.

I’m deeply grateful for the expert medical advice and guidance which you provided, and for helping me get “back on track” for a very demanding program of official engagement in Armenia.

I wish you and the Clinic continued success in your important work in Yerevan, and I look forward to seeing you again on a forthcoming visit!

With sincere appreciation,

Mr.John R. Kur


Raffi Kassarjian shared What’s Excellent About Armenia’spost.
9 September 2013

Great reference for a family physician!

What’s Excellent About Armenia

9 September 2013


MAPLE LEAFS MEDICAL CLINIC IN NORK MARASH – I’ve been in Armenia for 9 years and for 9 years I’ve been unable to answer the question, “Who is my family’s doctor?”. Until now.

I recently went in for a check and Dr. Vardges Avagyan and his team blew me away with the care I received. A repat from Toronto, Dr. Avagyan gave me 45 minutes (?!) and was extremely thorough in his examination. I felt like I was in any clinic in the US or the UK.

Which is a very long way from most of my other medical experiences in Armenia. If you are looking for an outstanding family clinic, definitely check out Maple Leafs.



To whom it may concern:


The note is a testimony of my experience at the Maple Leafs Armenian-Canadian Medical

Clinic in Yerevan, Armenia.


While out jogging one morning in Yerevan, I was bitten by a stray dog. As rabies is a fatal

disease if untreated, I sought medical advice and was referred to Dr. Varges Avagyan at the

above-mentioned clinic.


I can only say that I am grateful to Dr. Avagyan for promptly seeing me and not only treating

the wound, but also making the necessary arrangements at the Nairi Medical Center for antirabies

vaccinations. On the two occasions I went to this hospital (I finished the treatments on

my return home to Canada), he escorted me to the appropriate location at the hospital and

expedited the vaccination process so that I did not have to wait around very long. This made

a rather aggravating dog-bite situation much more easy to deal with during my business visit

to Yerevan.


Hats off to Dr. Avagyan!


Arvid Kruze

4375 Rosedale Avenue

Montreal, Quebec

Canada H4B 2G8


October 15, 2012


Sireli Vardges,
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for sharing your information on your beautiful Maple Leafs Clinic. We are SO PROUD of you and all you have accomplished. I know with your driving spirit and compassion for your people, coupled with your medical experience, Maple Leafs Clinic will be a success by helping so many people.

Congratulations from all of us here at the Armenian Family Support Services.

Vardges, I have a favour to ask. Please visit out Armenian Family Support Services Facebook page, share your experience with AFSS and your experience with going back to Armenia and starting Maple Leafs Clinic. We are so proud of you and would love to share with all others, your experience in Canada, your challenges and how you made the decision to go back. One day when I come to Armenia, I will do an interview!! :)

Please keep in touch.

Thank you and all the best,