Family Doctor Program

Maple Leafs Medical Clinic is a patient-centered family medicine practice which focuses on managing patient’s health issues in a compassionate, timely, and efficient manner. The clinic offers various medical services, including:

  • Day-to-day medical care
  • Annual physical examinations
  • Patient counselling
  • On-site blood work
  • Referrals to other medical specialties and follow-up
  • Pre-natal and post-natal care
  • Geriatric care
  • Weight management
  • Diabetes management
  • Vaccinations

In order to benefit from the Maple Leafs Medical Clinic and to utilize the different programs, patients can be register as a member of the clinic.

The Maple Leafs Family Health Team brings family physician together with inter-disciplinary health care professionals, specialist who work as a team to provide you with:

  • Comprehensive family medicine services;
  • Health promotion services;
  • Focused care for patients living with complex chronic disease.

The Team operates with an innovative service model that includes the patient as a full partner and participant in their care.

Medical consultations with a qualified specialist can be provided to ensure the efficacy of the claimant’s treatment plan. Specialist consultations can be an effective and efficient case management tool when the treating physician is open to implementing treatment suggestions provided by a qualified specialist.


Program Highlights

We are fully prepared when you arrive for your assessment, to begin managing your healthcare in partnership with you.

  • Proactive approach to identify and prevent adverse health conditions
  • Consists of a physician consultation, a physical exam and full spectrum of diagnostic tests to give you a personal wellness baseline
  • Develop a program and review results with the entire team of Maple Leafshealth care professionals
  • Physician phone consultation 24/7 across Armenia to support the Health program action plan
  • Coordination and case management of your family’s acute illness
  • Rapid Access Second Opinion – Review of your case by top specialists at leading European North American hospitals including, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre-Canada, Sana Krankenhaus Benrath Hospital-Germany
  • Plus
  • Physician-led team provides monitoring of health issues
  • Access to all the services offered through Maple Leafs
  • Annual health strategy, goals, milestones and guidelines
  • Build on your Health program to provide a program of better health and wellness, tailored to your own unique medical situations and family lifestyles


Program Details

Helps you build a program of health optimization, and disease state management using the following additional services:

  • Annual Health Strategy 

Our clinical team will develop an annual health strategy for you, complete with goals, milestones and guidelines for health optimization and disease state management.

  • Strategic Health Management

Your physician-led clinical team will provide ongoing tracking and monitoring of health issues identified during your initial assessment.

  • Follow-Up Consultations

Consult with a clinical team member of your choice quarterly or for a total of 10 30-minute sessions throughout the year to ensure you build on yourHealth program. These can take place in your home, at your office or at a convenient Maple Leafs clinic.

  • Post Hospitalization Care

Physician-led post hospitalization care to ensure a rapid recovery and monitoring of illness. Physician phone call, nurse visit, and dietitian follow-up are included.

Healthcare today is about choice. Below are just some of the choices our Comprehensive Maple Leafs Elite Program offers:

  • Have our dietitian join you at your favorite restaurant for menu guidance, or even go shopping at your local grocery store together to help you make better choices
  • Ask our pharmacist to conduct a pharmacological evaluation to mitigate risk of adverse drug interactions
  • Visit our Sports Medicine Team to ensure that your post-operative or injury treatment and rehabilitation needs are met, or simply to revive your fitness program
  • Schedule a physician phone consultation to address any outstanding medical concerns