Prospects and Charity

Range of cooperation, projects and partners

Providing medical service  to

  • Foreign Embassies in Armenia (The UK, France, Germany and etc.)

Maple Leafs Clinic provides medical services to patients from many different insurance providers (for instance):

  • “Armenia” Insurance (ArdshinBank employees )
  • “Nairi” Insurance (Carrefour employees)
  • “Sil” Insurance (Pixar employees, BEELINE etc.)
  • “Rosgosstrakh Armenia (ZVARTNOTS International Airport employees)

Maple Leafs has special agreement with AP Global Management Company to provide medical services with direct billing to clients with international Insurances (for instance, CIGNA, AETNA etc)

Providing daily medical services and annual medical check-up to employees of  “ Beeline”

Providing annual medical check-up for “Dundee Precious Metals Kapan” mining company’s employees.

  • To provide the Management of medical services on- site, providing 24-hours medical service on- site, Kapan.

Providing annual medical check-up for ContourGlobal Hydro Cascade (Vorotan Complex of Hydroelectric Power Stations)’ employees

Providing annual medical check-up for “Sagamar” Mining Company’s (Polymetal) employees (Stepanavan).  Also Maple Leafs has agreement about to provide the Management of medical services on- site.

Annual medical check-up of “ARAX Poultry Factory” Closed Joint-Stock Company’s employees.

Cooperation with “Aid Station”LTD, Kajaran hospital to provide different medical check-ups, examinations, consulting for employees and their family’s of the Cronimet-mining, Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine.

Providing medical services to the clients of the hotels (for instance, Hyatt Hotel, Ani Plaza, etc., Hilton hotel (in process))

Medical expertise for surgical cases for ZVARTNOTS International Airport employees.

“Strengthening Armenia’s migration management capacities, with special focus on reintegration activities” project with European Union (won a tender to provide medical services to migrants from the EU).

Cooperation and project implementation with United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

  • Breast cancer screening in Ararat and Armavir provinces.
  • Thyroid, breast gynecological screening and (endocrinological project) in Armavir province.
  • Research project: “Raise the awareness of agricultural professional dieses”.

Series of seminars about the preventive medicine (Public education) were provided for Armenian Missionary Association of America

Medical Services and counselling to refugees from Syria with special discount program.

Cooperation with

  • Armenian Christian Medical Associations (ACMA), Joint charity program
  • Gurgen Melikyan Multichildren Family Foundation of Kashatagh(Joint charity program organized for population in Kashatagh, Artsakh(Karabakh).)
  • Joint charity program organized for sick kids in collaboration with FPWCs.
  • The Women’s Support Centeris a program of the Tufenkian Foundation.
  • Aglow International Armenia-program to provide special medical service for women.
  • Medical check-ups and preventive care of employees of New Life Armenia Charity Fund
  • Jinishian Memorial Foundation

Currently in the process of development and negotiations wth GeoMining Gold LLC, Armenian Copper Program (“ACP”) Closed Joint-Stock Company, Ayb High School and etc,

The future vision of Maple Leafs Clinic is to stimulate business development and the creation of integrated networks through the establishment of high quality satellite clinics throughout various geographic locations.

“Executive Medical” – the most thorough head-to-toe assessment on the market performed in one visit at a single location, making it convenient and efficient. These same tests would take months and multiple visits to coordinate in the regular health system, wasting valuable work time. Patients with 3 or more chronic conditions made six times more visits to MD’s than those with one condition, which meant more time away from the office to attend multiple medical appointments

Maple Leafs’ suite of Healthy Workplace Services helps clients in a diverse range of industries to ensure employee health, mitigate health risks, and manage health events, when they do occur.
Bringing a refreshingly efficient, personalized and preventive approach to medicine, Maple Leafs is transforming the way people think about their health—and changing their approach to healthcare in the process.
Maple Leafs offers an Executive Health Plan for companies who want to experience the return of making an investment in the health of their employees. Most often adults have one or more of 7 chronic conditions (arthritis, cancer, chronic lung problems, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, mental health). Any of these medical conditions can severely impair your team from doing day to day business, potentially affecting shareholder confidence and company value.
Emphasizing courtesy, care and efficiency, our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals carries out this intensive analysis of your health over the course of a morning. We then provide personalized feedback that will help you along the path to healthier living.
When issues do arise, we have a growing number of specialists onsite as well as a dedicated referral team to coordinate specialist appointments in the community to fit your employees’ schedules.
An Executive Health Program offers an excellent return on investment by decreasing absenteeism and disruptions in productivity.
An Executive Health Program results in lower future costs to employers through the early identification of health conditions.
Executive Physical Exam
Maple Leafs Medical Clinic believes in preventative medicine. Individuals or companies can book annual physical exams with Maple Leafs Medical Clinic physicians. The comprehensive on-hour physical exam is a personalized head-to-toe assessment of past and present medical conditions. Necessary blood work and testing will be included. In an effort to promote optimum health, this annual check up is an invaluable measurement of your current health status and will assist you to move forward in better health.
Company Wellness Programs
Customized health screening including cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, body mass index, and lifestyle variables can be completed at the workplace by the stein medical team. Tangible evidence of company health improvement over time can reduce company health insurance rates. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace.
Your Executive Health Plan can be customized by adding many of our other services to the Comprehensive Health Assessment.
We would be pleased to discuss the various options with you to develop a plan that best meets the needs of your employees.
To learn more about our Executive Health Plan and corporate rates, please contact +37491 42 15 35